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Subscription cancellation process

We value your business and will work with you to resolve any issues. Please contact us to discuss your concerns, and we will work on a resolution together. However, we recognize that change happens, and sometimes you need to make a move.

You can cancel your subscription with Armoury Media at any time by submitting a support request via the client portal. Once your request has been received and confirmed, your subscription will remain active until the end of the billing period.

After your subscription is cancelled, we will elevate your website user account to the Administrator role to facilitate migration to another host. All premium software licenses included with your subscription will be revoked. You will have until the end of the billing period to migrate your website, after which all services included with your subscription will end.

To facilitate a smooth transition, we will provide you with an inventory of the third-party services and premium software included with your subscription.

If you engage another service provider to assist with migration, please provide a written notice authorizing administrator access to your website. This requirement is for the protection and security of your website.

Armoury Media is not responsible for (and will not repair) any damage, data loss, or service interruption caused by your or your designated service provider’s actions during the transition period after you cancel your subscription.

Armoury Media will provide the access required for a smooth transition. You or your designated service provider are responsible for the timely transfer of the website and related services before your subscription expires. Armoury Media is not responsible for any residual business impact due to service interruption after your subscription expires.